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Collection Sneak Peek - Autumn Engagement Shoot at Hatley Castle

I can't believe it's almost halfway into November already! With each week that passes I'm getting closer and closer to completing the new bridal collection. It took quite some time for me to dream up each and every item that I'll be sharing with you all in a couple of months. Some designs made the cut. Some didn't. I did know that I wanted eleven designs though, (my lucky number) in this debut collection!

A couple designs are now complete and the others are just finalizing the pattern stages, so we're getting close and I'm literally counting the days to the photoshoot which will take place mid January! After I got engaged last Christmas eve, I took a few months to let it all sink in and began the planning this summer since my big day is set for next August. I knew immediately that I would be designing my own gown, but that being said I still have no idea which one I'll wear yet. I did find the most talented, wonderful photographer though and a couple of weeks ago Tim and I had our engagement shoot with Taylor from Secret Waters Photography. I'm so amazed by Taylor's talent and how she completely de-awkwardfied the shoot. The smiles are real smiles. The kisses, real kisses. She really knows how to capture un-posed, genuine moments and I cannot WAIT for her to shoot our wedding AND the debut collection at SWF. 

Although the rest of the collection remains under wraps, I wanted to share a sneak peak of one of the designs, the Nova Bridal Skirt with you, as I wore it during the engagement shoot at Hatley Castle near Victoria, BC. I'm a huge lover of Autumn, so the dark broody tones that Taylor captured in these photos combined with bold pops of fall leaves here and there really leave me breathless! The Nova Bridal Skirt is a semi-sheer statement bridal skirt with different hues of grey tulle and a sparkly outer layer (it can also come lined if you don't want it sheer). It's also complete with a leg slit and a long statement train because, well, why the hell not! I'll share more pictures after we photograph the entire collection of course, and you'll be able to order this stunner once we debut the designs. Anyways, hope you enjoy, and if you're looking for a BC wedding photographer who is happy to travel, hit Taylor up for sure! 

PS, make sure you're following SWF on Instagram for updates too, and if you're wanting to check out some behind the scenes inspiration you can follow me personally! Also if you haven't already, be sure to head to the SWF home page and subscribe to collection updates, I'll send you out an email and you'll be the first to hear about anything collection related!

xx Ashley

11 Drop Dead Gorgeous Barn Venues

One thing's for sure, we looooove a barn wedding. The old wood, glowing warm fairy lights, and laid back nature just does it for us! Every so often we come across a gorgeous venue that we want to share, so we've compiled them below for you to gawk at, and possibly get hitched at! Which barn is your favourite? We're honestly torn!

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10 Beautiful Ways to Bring the Tropics

As summer is right around the corner it's got us day dreaming of a hot breeze, salty air, big beautiful leaves and bright floral accents. Even if you're not getting married on a sandy tropical beach somewhere, there are ways to incorporate the look into your big day in various other ways, minus the physical location.

Check out 10 of our favourite tropical inspired wedding ideas we've stumbled upon lately, from the decor to the cake!

10 Boho Bridal Hair Ideas

It's no secret, we love the bohemian style when it comes to weddings. There's something we find so wonderful about a perfectly imperfect hair style, and the boho genre really echos that trait perfectly. From messy tousled waves to chunky imperfect braids, we're really really here for it!

Check out our roundup of 10 beautiful boho do's we've spotted recently!

Photo Justice Film / Hair by Bridal Buns

Photo Elle Reaux / Hair Courtney Wiser

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Beautiful Ways To Use Black in Your Wedding

One trend we can't get enough of at the moment is the use of the color (okay, "shade") black in weddings! Honestly, we think the color black can get a bad rep. Some of you alternative brides to be out there absolutely love it, but someone with a more traditional style can easily associate it with being just too out there, and that really shouldn't be the case!

Black, quite simply, is awesome. Aside from being ultra versatile in pair-ability with other colors, black really makes those other tones pop even when you use a subtle amount of it. We've compiled some of our favourite uses below and these comprise of photos where black is used a lot (like those AMAZING cakes) and some in which it's used subtly. Would you incorporate black into your wedding?

Wedding Cake

Tableware & Decor


Wedding Dress