Affordable Wedding Dresses Under $1000

Who knew that designer dresses under $1000 could be this good?

We've recently compiled a collection of beautiful gowns featured on She Wore Flowers that...brace yourself...ALL START UNDER $1000. know, we know. We had to catch our breath too, because this is prettty mind blowing. Moreover, we're not talkin' a handful of about 2, 3, 5, 10 dresses. We're talkin' pages, upon pages, upon pages of quality designer gowns that start under $1000 USD. 

What's even more exciting about this collection, is that you know the designer is reputable. At She Wore Flowers, designers must apply or be personally invited to sell on the platform and meet specific requirements in order to do so. One of these requirements, is wonderful customer reviews. When you shop with us, you know you're going to be getting a gorgeous, quality product from a hardworking, indie designer who's living her passion, creating stunning gowns! 

So what are ya waiting for? Head over to the shop site and explore the ridiculously beautiful, affordable collection! 

Dresses pictured from top by; Bridal Garden Studio, Angellure, and Yasmine Layani

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