Beautiful Ways To Use Black in Your Wedding

One trend we can't get enough of at the moment is the use of the color (okay, "shade") black in weddings! Honestly, we think the color black can get a bad rep. Some of you alternative brides to be out there absolutely love it, but someone with a more traditional style can easily associate it with being just too out there, and that really shouldn't be the case!

Black, quite simply, is awesome. Aside from being ultra versatile in pair-ability with other colors, black really makes those other tones pop even when you use a subtle amount of it. We've compiled some of our favourite uses below and these comprise of photos where black is used a lot (like those AMAZING cakes) and some in which it's used subtly. Would you incorporate black into your wedding?

Wedding Cake

Tableware & Decor


Wedding Dress
Midnight Primrose Wedding Dress by She Wore Flowers
Isra Bridal Skirt by She Wore Flowers

15 Inspiring Rustic Wedding Table Set Ups

There's probably no other decor style we appreciate more than one that includes rustic, old objects. Maybe it's because these settings seem to find the harmony between masculinity in the things that are slightly weathered, worn and imperfect, and femininity in the soft linens and florals. These places are ones we just simply want to be; they're cozy and inviting all the while being styled to perfection. 

The collection of images below highlights inspirational images encompassing rustic wedding decor and we're head over heels in love with every single one of these table settings. No, really..We wouldn't be able to pick a favourite if we tried!

To top off the rustic vibe of your wedding, browse through SWF's gorgeous collection of lace wedding dresses!

From Left: Magical Wedding Dress, Laguna Wedding Dress, Athena Wedding Dress

Inspiring Ways to Use Pampas Grass in Your Wedding

We're still obsessed with the pampas grass trend; maybe it's because of its stunning simplicity, making it so very versatile.

From the table decor to the aisle, to the bouquet and wearable accessories, the pampas trend doesn't want to quit just yet (and we're totally okay with that). Here's our list of inspiring ways to use pampas grass in your wedding! 

Pampas Arch

Pampas Table Decor

Pampas Aisle Decor

Pampas Bridal Accessories

Pampas Hanging Installations

Source Unknown
Pampas Bouquets

Pampas Backdrops

15 Painted Floral Wedding Cakes

It's not a new trend, but we've been seeing this timeless, elegant form of cake decorating making a resurgence lately, and hey, we really can't blame anyone. I mean, just look at these beauties!

I've been really bad with planning my own wedding, we haven't even sorted a venue yet..but when you work within the wedding industry you're constantly filled with inspiration. You may think "well hey, you must know EXACTLY what you want then!" My answer to that is..Hmm far from it! Since I see so many wonderful wedding related things each day, whether it be on SWF or on social media, I'm even more confused than most! One day I may want a marble cake, today I want a painted floral cake, what oh what will I want tomorrow? I mean, I specifically remember when I was 7 it would take me 15 minutes to choose a chocolate bar. I'm realllly indecisive about these sorts of things.

Regardless of what my (I mean, our) ultimate cake decision will be, these gorgeous painted cakes have my heart today. Here's fifteen of our favourites to inspire some weekend whimsy. Would you go for a painted floral wedding cake?

Source Unknown

Source Unknown

If you're the source of any of the two images we could not credit please get in touch, we'd love to credit your work!