10 Beautiful Ways to Bring the Tropics

As summer is right around the corner it's got us day dreaming of a hot breeze, salty air, big beautiful leaves and bright floral accents. Even if you're not getting married on a sandy tropical beach somewhere, there are ways to incorporate the look into your big day in various other ways, minus the physical location.

Check out 10 of our favourite tropical inspired wedding ideas we've stumbled upon lately, from the decor to the cake!

10 Boho Bridal Hair Ideas

It's no secret, we love the bohemian style when it comes to weddings. There's something we find so wonderful about a perfectly imperfect hair style, and the boho genre really echos that trait perfectly. From messy tousled waves to chunky imperfect braids, we're really really here for it!

Check out our roundup of 10 beautiful boho do's we've spotted recently!

Photo Justice Film / Hair by Bridal Buns

Photo Elle Reaux / Hair Courtney Wiser

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Our 20 Favourite SWF Dresses for a Destination Wedding

We're giving you some tips and tricks when choosing a gown for your destination wedding, and sharing our 20 favourite SWF dresses that would be ideal for the occasion.

Here at SWF we love a good destination wedding! When it comes to the wedding dress for such an event, a couple key points are important when thinking about what type of gown will be most suitable, really comes down to two factors.

1 - Firstly, you want to make sure the dress is lightweight and manageable enough to pack with your luggage. Packing up a non-volumous a-line, fit and flare or column shaped dress is much easier than stuffing that multi-layered tulle ballgown or heavy satin skirt into a travel bag. And that leads us to the second point!

2 - Once you get to your destination and unpack, your dress naturally may have a few creases that will need to be steamed out before your wedding day. Dresses that are made with lace are such a great choice when it comes to destination weddings because they wrinkle and crease much less than tulle or heavier fabrics like satin. A gown that is made with lace or a non-volumous tulle dress with only a couple layers will be easily steamed out! Satin will get much deeper, noticeable creases along your journey, and a ballgown with layers and layers of tulle will also take much more time to get ready.

Our travel tip; purchase a steamer prior to your trip! They're usually quite inexpensive and you'll end up using it again just for day-to-day clothing (it's so much easier than ironing!). Just remember that if you're travelling internationally, you may need an adaptor for the electrical socket.

You can also hang your dress and veil in your hotel bathroom, run a hot shower, and close the bathroom door for 10-15 minutes. This will be pretty effective in steaming your items if you don't have access to one at your accommodation.

Without further delay, check out our 20 favourite SWF Wedding Dresses fit for that destination wedding!